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The Child Custody Attorney You Need When You Need Them

I know that there is nothing more sacred than the bond a parent has with their child. I want nothing more than for children to grow up in a safe and loving home. At Weinrieb Law, I fight for the rights of parents, but I also do my best to look beyond the adults and determine what is truly in the best interests of a child. Sadly, just because one parent wants custody does not mean that they will get it. I know how difficult custody battles can be: They can take a toll on both parents and the children involved.

As my client, I will step in to minimize the conflict between you and your child’s other parent. I will help you reach an agreement for custody schedules and, if all else fails, advocate for you before a family law judge to obtain the best possible outcome.

Collaborating With Your Child’s Other Parent Can Minimize Conflict

When you take a custody case to court, your private matters become a public concern. You are asking the judge to make a decision on your behalf, and you will have little to no control over the outcome. While I can provide evidence to prove you are a fit parent, you should always consider resolving a custody matter outside of court. By pursuing an alternative dispute resolution method, you may be able to minimize the impact the custody battle has on your child.

I also serve as an attorney for the child and represent children in mediation sessions in Erie County’s family court. This gives me a unique insight, understanding and focus on what is in the best interests of the child.

Do You Need To Fight For Your Parental Rights?

In addition to the creation of new custody orders, I can assist with child support, relocation and modifications. Find out how I can help you and your family by calling my Williamsville office at 716-759-4529(4LAW) or emailing me. I offer free consultations.